How it Works

e-Package: a virtual tamperproof container of an encrypted message and or files that has a temporary life time (0 days to 7 years) that is returned to the sender if it is not picked up before it expires


Connects to the e-Courier web server using TLS via their web browser

Logs into e-Courier using their e-mail address and password

Adds a contact by entering their e-mail address and phone number

The e-Courier server automatically creates a free guest account for the contact

Sends an encrypted e-Package containing a message and or files to the e-Courier server

An e-mail notification containing a link to the e-Package is sent by the e-Courier server to the contact

Clicks the "track" tab  to monitor the delivery status of the e-Package

e-Courier Web Server

Verifies and authenticates both the sender and receiver of the e-Package

Encrypts the uploaded e-Package message and file attachments and shrouds the encryption key using open source cryptography libraries

Note: Access to our detailed security paradigm will only be considered if a non-disclosure agreement is signed


Clicks on a link contained in the e-Package e-mail notification that was sent by the subscriber

Web browser connects to the e-Courier server using TLS

Logs into their free guest e-Courier account using their e-mail address and assigns themselves a password

Automatically taken to their INBOX where they click on the e-Package

Opens decrypted message and clicks on any file attachment links

E-Courier server decrypts the message and file data associated with the e-package then sends the data encrypted via TLS to the client’s web browser

Note: Client’s can initiate secure communication at any point in time with the subscriber by virtue of logging into their e-courier account with their password