Our Advantages


More Secure, we are 100% Canadian and Have no Backdoor to Unlock Encrypted Data Stored on our Canadian Servers

Unlike the vast majority of American file sharing providers who are subjected to the US Freedom and Patriot Act, we encrypt your encryption keys. This approach precludes us from providing a backdoor for government agencies and our employees to unlock encrypted data stored on our servers.

We are 100% Canadian and Have Ethical Security Standards

Our Powerful Tracking Dashboard Increases Productivity by Tracking the Delivery Status of all your Outbound and Inbound Emails and File Attachments

Designed to emulate a real world courier our tracking dashboard gives you instant and reliable feedback regarding the delivery status of your emails and files which also includes a detailed audit log associated with every email that records the date & time stamps of whenever files or messages were accessed.

Powerful Email and File Tracking
Client Portal

Client File and Secure Email Portal with Optional Long Term Storage

Integrated to your website, our secure portal link provides your clients with access to their encrypted emails and or files on our server(s) for the long term up to 7 years.

Securely Share and Store your Client Files and Documents For The Long Term

Recall Emails and Files Sent in Error

We all make mistakes sometimes, with e-Courier you can revoke any email or files sent in error.

Easily Correct Mistakes

Get Up and Running in Less than 2 Minutes

Anywhere any time, because we reside in the cloud no software or hardware needs to be installed. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection to access our service.

Leverage The Web

Free for Your Guest Users with Equivalent Functionality

Unlike other security services, our guest users get virtually the same security and features as subscribers for free. This encourages usage and achieves security compliance. We encrypt all message and file data stored on our servers without any exceptions or compromise of security level for both guests and subscribers.

Free For All Of Your Clients

Exchange Standalone Emails and or Large Files

Send standalone emails or large files up to 4 gigabytes.

Complete flexibility depending on your security needs

Secure Deposit Box Link Embedded in Your Website or Email Signature

Guests users can now send you encrypted files and or standalone emails to your e-courier account via your website without requiring the setup of a guest account or the use of a password. This mechanism will optionally allow a subscriber to create an e-courier guest account with the click of a button.

No hassle encrypted safety deposit box for technically challenged guest users
Safety Deposit Box