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Stay tuned for e-Courier's new powerful software release coming in January 2018 which features a mobile and tablet friendly user interface and many more innovative features.

e-courier provides the following important benefits

Provides the ability to encrypt messages and or files transmitted over the Internet and stored on our servers using a web browser without the need to install software or hardware.

Provides no backdoor access for encrypted data stored on our servers, if we were subpoenaed by a government agency we cannot unlock encrypted data stored on our servers.

Provides proof of delivery of messages and or file attachments to the intended recipient with an audit trail.

Provides the ability to recall information sent in error.

Provides the ability to exchange large file attachments that are normally rejected by e-mail.

Provides the ability to expire/e-shred file attachments after a period of days.

Provides the ability to be rapidly deployed without the need of technical expertise.

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